Michelle Kuo




About the Artist

Michelle Kuo was first introduced to the art of ceramics in 2000, when she attended a ceramics class at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL and was thoroughly amazed at how a simple pile of mud could be turned into a beautiful piece of art.

Michelle enjoys the freedom allowed in the clay world. She has the passion to make pottery to fulfill functional use as well as visual delight. Michelle loves to create bowls, platters, and vases from slabs, but she also enjoys occasionally throwing on the wheel. Her preference of making bowls and platters is the wide open surface of these two forms. They are like the canvas is to painters. She embellishes her work with abstract colorful glazes, carvings of various patterns, and images derived from nature. Her signature designs, which are repeated in variations in many of her ceramic works are ginkgo leaves.

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