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Chai-Shian Kua

Artists Bio

I am a research scientist by profession. My artistic process is deeply rooted in experimentation. I am constantly exploring new techniques and approaches, pushing the limits of what is possible with these materials. I believe that experimentation is essential to artistic growth, and I am always seeking to learn from my failures and successes alike. At ClaySpace, I work with both ceramic and glass. Working with ceramic and glass is a deeply tactile experience, I am fascinated by the physical and chemical properties of these materials, and the ways they can be molded and shaped to create forms that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

My works are inspired by a wide range of influences, from functional ancient neolithic cooking pots to expressive modern primitivist sculptures. The endless permutations of chemical reactions in ceramics fascinates me and the results of each experiment appeals to my scientific curiosity. As a biologist, lines, shapes, forms, colors and/or textures found in nature are the key inspirations and directions in my works.

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