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Equipment Check-Out

This appointment calendar is used reserve all kilns. Check the calendar below for kiln availability by looking at and using the color codes.

To create a reservation:
1.) Select ‘Add New Appointment’
2.) In the product field, select the name of the kiln or spray booth you’d like to reserve and then click the next button. A calendar will appear for that item.  Any date that has a line through it has been booked by someone else. Partial gray bars at the bottom of the date indicate that day is partially booked. 

 On the calendar, select the day for your reservation and then select a starting time. Per operations Carl should be booked for 48 hours. Rocky needs 72 hours. Nick and Boris need at least 40. Moose should be booked for 96 hours. Talk to Daniel if you need to book Moose.  Bones usually needs 24 hours. Natasha usually needs 24. Hours not showing are NOT available. Do NOT book kilns for less than the normal firing time. Please do not book kilns back to back for multiple firings.   Extend  your time by adding additional hours in the ‘add hours’ field. The application will determine whether the time you have selected is available.  Once submitted, you can click to be taken back to the calendar page.

New kiln color code

Raku Fest October 7!