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Shuba Iyer

Artists Bio

I worked in the IT industry for many years before I decided to take a break from my career. While I was trying to find a fulfilling hobby, I stumbled upon ceramics. After a few classes at a local community college, I knew I was addicted to clay, for life. I took classes at the college for a few more years before I began working in my private studio.

I am inspired by ancient architecture, unique patterns in clothing, and textures found in nature. I try to take these ideas and blend it into my work. I strive to incorporate color, contrast, texture, depth, and balance in all my work.

My journey with clay has been life changing. It has taught me to be a keen observer, to be in the moment, to be patient, and to persevere. I am drawn to making pottery even though it is humbling, demanding, process-oriented and offers delayed gratification. I love the versatility of the medium and enjoy the challenges it throws at every stage.

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