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Susan Borghesi

Artists Bio

The love of Nature and a passion to create has been with Susan her entire life.  Even as a child she played in the fields with snakes, birds, insects within the wild prairie surroundings of her home and fashioned dolls out of hollyhock flowers and clothes pins.  So the thrill of following her imagination and making artful objects has lead her through many art mediums over the years including painting, stained glass, jewelry making, sculptural cement work and today, the clay medium.

Susan completed her art education at the University of Wisconsin Madison and North Central College in Naperville Illinois where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree.

The past 14 years Susan has focused on the ceramic arts where she has blossomed as a sculptural artist.  She has been a resident artist at ClaySpace Ceramic Arts Center in Lisle Illinois for the past 9 years and never tires of creating hand built colorful whimsical sculptures.  The joy of being in the moment while in the creative process and knowing one’s creation is something that will be pleasing to others makes each piece new and exciting. 

Susan hopes to continue in the clay medium for many years to come.  The knowledge gained from all her previous art experiences and techniques have culminated with this fun, tactile medium. 

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