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Tanvvi Aggarwal

Artists Bio

ClaySpace Director of Sales and Events
In my early teens, my mom channelled my creativity  into ceramics by introducing me to an artist in New Delhi, India.
I took to wheel throwing naturally and I have evolved to using porcelain and stoneware clay bodies.
I come from a large family, and gatherings and festivities are a way of life for me. I love to cook and serve a variety of cuisines. And this makes me want to create functional pots to use in everyday life that are timeless in culture and tradition.
 Passion evolves as knowledge grows. And in the last few years, I have grown to love firing in a Japanese style wood kiln (anagama), and a cross draft Soda kiln. The labor intensive, communal style of firing the wood kiln brings people together, with sharing & exchange of ideas and growing relationships among the artists.
 Both kilns produce results which are complex and unique in nature. No other kind of firing results in the play of vivid colors, drama of the flying ash and flashing marks &  individuality of each pot.

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